How it works

Game Playing

It’s a free games platform where you can enjoy playing over 400 fun games on any device. By you simply playing the games and watching the occasional ad we generate ad revenue. We then distribute 75% of our income from this ad revenue to the causes listed on our site.

We are making the final tweaks to our site before going live, so be ready to start playing soon!

A few facts

Did you know?

As a planet, we spend 7 billion hours a week playing games.

Global Game Playing
Collective effort

Collectively we can change our future.

If 7 million of us played for just 20 minutes or so a day that would help us support one of the many causes

  • Through Shareameal UN Food Programme Project  provide 10 million meals a day
  • Help restore the sight of 100,000 blind people a day via simple eye operation
  • Plant over 14 million trees a day in the third world and help to create jobs
  • Training over 30 Guide Dogs a day for the blind in the UK