Our Story

Our Vision

We want to be the greatest gaming site for good causes for people of “All age’s , all Places ”.  Harnessing the power of the latest technology we want our our gaming platform to make a lasting impact on the causes that are most closest to the hearts of our community of supporters worldwide. Our ultimate aim is to better the lives of those that are less fortunate and protect the environment around us. Through playing our games a person in one part of the world can help another in need.  We see no reason why people have to go without the basic essentials of life be it clean water, food, shelter access to education and healthcare.  As a Team we are passionate and determined in making this happen, bring enjoyment to millions of proud supporters using our social games platform.

Our Story

As a social business, we want to change the world through practical ways, so what better way than to harness gameplay technology that’s fun but at the same time can help generate revenue from the advertisements which we can then distribute to causes we support.

Meet the Team

Zack – Founder & CEO

Lucas – Head of Web Development – Front / Back

Louis – Games Development Lead

Vim – Business Analyst / Junior PM